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Published Date: October 3, 2022

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Tank’s bigger and badder than most of the bikers at the Straight to Hell MC. He’s used to being feared by everyone—then there’s Bell. The curvy blonde waitress doesn’t move out of his way. For some reason, she sees the best in him, never judging him for his past or present. Her sweet love and innocence become addicting. It’s nice not being the monster for once. But she has a tangled past that his prez doesn’t like. Tank’s faced with an impossible choice—love or his club.

Bell doesn’t want to end up with a loser like her deadbeat mother. She wants to make something out of her life, even though it’s easier said than done. Tank’s a big teddy bear and doesn’t even realize it. He’s caring and protective and even though she shouldn’t fall for a bad boy, it’s impossible to keep away from him. The only problem is her boyfriend is keeping her a secret, and secrets are never a good thing. Will he decide to put her first or will their love stay a forbidden affair?

Be Warned: anal sex


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