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Published Date: July 27, 2023

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Skye witnesses a double murder and is forced to run for her life. She doesn’t know how she’ll survive, but she’ll do anything to live another day. When contracts are taken out on her life, her only hope is a rival assassin determined to use her as collateral. It’s not the best situation but at least she’s safe for now. Things get immeasurably more complicated when she starts to fall for her captor.

Galen King kills for a living, but it’s nothing personal. He works for the Circle of Monsters, a group of ruthless contract hitmen. They do their job, no questions asked, and emotions never get in the way. Each hit is another payday until he has Skye Lewis in his sights—then nothing is the same.

Can he change the rules and keep Skye alive? Or will his boss demand he follow orders or pay the ultimate price?

Be Warned: anal sex


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